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Freediving is a beautiful sport where we dive deep into the ocean and into ourselves. It is an experience, where you don't feel that you are holding your breath for most of the time and are totally free. Freediving can be done by anyone, it's not a talent that only few have. In fact most people get amazed right from the start about how long they can actually hold their breath!

At shadesinblue freediving we believe that freediving is not something you have to learn. It is more something that has always been inside you, you just forgot. After all, we come from water and our bodies still have the ability to adapt to us being underwater. Technical Skills are important to learn but the key for good diving is to achieve a deep state of focus and relaxation. This is how we teach at shadesinblue freediving.


Dahab has become my home of choice since 2016 after years of visiting frequently. Dahab is the Mekka of Freediving with its infamous Bluehole. Almost all World Class Freedivers have passed through a 'Dahab-time' at some point of their life. Not only the Bluehole is great for Training. but also the Lighthouse Bay, located in the Heart of Dahab has worldclass training conditions. 

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"I had a great time training with Julia. She's passionate about what she does and helps you make quick progress in a secure environment. I highly recommend her as a free diving coach!"

- Anthony


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