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Freediver at the Red Sea Julia Tobler

Shadesinblue stands for exploration, adventure and movement. We dive deep into the ocean and into ourselves,
reaching for a state of deep relaxation and focus.

My services include freediving, yoga and experiences in the vast beauty of raw nature. Three things that contribute to an expansion of the self and an improvement of life quality.


Choose between different offerings of freediving, yoga and desert adventures

or a combination for the full experience.

Sea and Desert Retreat

28/9 -- 5/10 2024

Bluehole Dahab
  • Learn freediving or improve your skills with a personal and non-competitive coaching approach

  • Yoga every day

  • Breathing, Theory and more

  • Spend a day & night in the desert

  • All inclusive

Freediver Life Retreat

26/10 -- 2/11 2024

Freediving Retreat
  • Personal Freediving Coaching

  • For intermediate and advanced Freedivers (you already did some sessions)

  • Yoga every day

  • Breathing, Meditation and Theory

  • Spend a day & night in the desert

Desert Mini Retreat

Sinai Desert Travel

A little escape into the wild beauty of the Sinai desert. Together with local Bedouins we create a unique experience under the stars with traditional food cooked over the fire and breathtaking pure nature.

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Julia Tobler at the Viewpoint of Dahab

Originally a little Bedouin fishing village, Dahab has grown into a big town in recent years. The Bedouin culture with its calm and grounded vibe blend with an inspirational openness of world travelers. Dahab is the perfect starting point for raw desert adventures as well as dedicated freediving and self discovery journeys.


Dahab has become my home of choice since 2016. It is the Mekka of Freediving with its infamous Bluehole. All World Class freedivers have passed through a 'Dahab-time' at some point. Not only the Bluehole is great for Training, but also the Lighthouse Bay, located in the Heart of Dahab has excellent freediving conditions. 

Dahab Beach and Fisherboat


Customer Recommendation Freediving

- Anthony

"I had a great time training with Julia. She's passionate about what she does and helps you make quick progress in a secure environment. I highly recommend her as a free diving coach!"

Coral Reef Ras Mohammed


Contact me for bookings, collaborations, events and questions. I am happy to help and will answer your email within a few days.

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