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Freediver Sunset
Julia Tobler

JULIA Tobler

 Athlete, Speaker & Coach

Hi, my name is Julia and I am the founder of shadesinblue.


 I am a freediver and ocean soul for life and I have achieved several National Records for Switzerland.


Through freediving I have learned about the power and bliss of a relaxed mind, focus and  passion.



During my studies in Social Anthropology in Zurich, I decided to go for a freediving holiday to Dahab. Always having been a thalassophile, I was hooked with freediving as well as I felt immediately at home in the golden town. I arranged to write my Bachelor Thesis about the Bedouins of Sinai, which allowed me to simultaniously freedive a lot more and reach Athlete level. As soon as I finished my studies I moved full time to Dahab. 


Apart from my passion for the sea, I love all kind of movement and mindfulness practices. Yoga and meditation are part of my routine for years as much as somatic experiencing, breathwork and everything else that has to do with exploring the interconnectedness of the body and the mind.

With a wish to combine embodied practices like Yoga and Meditation with the athletic sport of freediving, I create retreats with Yoga, Freediving and a breeze of adventure, giving you the optimal environment to develope as a freediver as well as on a personal level. My goal is to send people home with a bigger sense for balance in life, tools to relax and come back to our true self in our daily life. A sense of connectedness with ourselves and our surrounding.

I am open for collaborations of different types. I am happy to speak or discuss on your event and/or guide a breathing, meditation or yoga session for your team, class, group etc.

Athletic Accomplishments


1. National Record

CWT 55m



(CH-Championship Zürich lake)


3. FIM National Record 58m, 
4. National Record CWT 61m


AIDA Instructor



2. National Record

CWT 57m


 5. National Record

CWT 62m


The following brands have supported me with valuable gear for my diving and adventuring. I only collaborate with brands, when our ethics and believes meet. Click on the logos to find them.


I am a big believer of barefoot walking and minimalistic footwear. Strengthening our feet and using them in a way they were supposed to be used is where my shared believes with lie. Since 2021 I am an ambassador for the brand. You get 10% off with the code 'shadesinblue'

AIDA International Logo

AIDA International is the first and biggest Freediving School in the world. They invest in education, competitions and research of the sport. I am a certified instructor. As such I hold my responsibilities to refresh First Emergency Responder regularly and I am insured with DANEurope for the divesport

Elios Sub Logo

Elios Freediving wetsuits, have been with me since the very beginning of my freediving journey. Fair priced, high quality and reliable, they sponsor me with wetsuits for many years.

Majestic Carbon Fins

Majestic Carbon Composition is a small business in Greece, that produces fine carbon fins. Their freediving fins are handglued  to the pocket for optimal energy transport and a little shorter and wider than the average freediver fin. They support me since 2021 

Sea Soon Logo

SeaSoon creates sustainable luxury swimwear that holds! I have their two sided white and gold wetsuit which holds well while swimming and diving.

Slip Ins Logo

SlipIns Surfskins come in the coolest designs. Sun protectors, attention seeker and a help to get into warmer wetsuits, they are fun to wear.

National Record for Switzerland


Contact me for bookings, collaborations, events and questions. I am happy to help and will answer your email within a few days.

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