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Hi, my name is Julia and I am the founder of shadesinblue.


 I am a freediver and ocean soul for life, holding several National Records for Switzerland.


Through the athletic achievements I learned how focus, hard work and passion work together and lead to success. With mindset, relaxation and technique I teach and coach freedivers of all levels.


Apart from my passion for the sea, I also love all kind of movement and mindfulness practices. Yoga and meditation are part of my routine for years as much as everything else that has to do with exploring the body and the mind in motion.

With a wish to combine embodied practices like Yoga and Meditation with the athletic sport of freediving I create retreats with Yoga, Freediving and a breeze of adventure, giving you the optimal environment to develope as a freediver as well as on a personal level. My goal is to send people home with a bigger sense for balance in life, tools to relax and come back to our true self in our daily life and a sense of connectedness with ourselves and our surrounding.

I truely believe that Nature bring us back to ourselves in the most pure and direct way. I love the desert. When I went out with the Bedouins to the desert for the first time, I was amazed by their practical and creative way of living in this rough environment. 

Being 'out there' for one night or more is like a nerval system reset. It is so quiet out there, the sheer beauty of this wild corners of the world are breath taking. Wandering, exploring, sitting in the sand, drinking tea, listening to the silence and watching the stars and the camp fire at night are of such ancient human tradition that I think it reconnects us to our true nature in a soft and thorough way.


Julia is a world gypsy with an adventure spirit and a great sense for simple pleasures.

She has the soul of a yogi, the lungs of a dolphin and the determination of a world class athlete!

Athletic Accomplishments


1. National Record

CWT 55m



(CH-Championship Zürich lake)


FIM National Record 58m, 
CWT 61m


AIDA Instructor



National Record

CWT 57m


National Record

CWT 62m

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