© by Julia Tobler


Dahab is a charming desert town in South Sinai. Originally a tiny Bedouin Village and later discovered by Hippies, it has developed different to the classic tourist resort destinations in Egypt. With a mixture of Bedouins, Egyptians and Expats it has conserved its very own friendly and charming vibe.

Dahab has become my home of joice since 2016 after years of visiting frequently. Dahab is the Mekka of Freediving with its infamous Bluehole. Almost all World Class Freedivers have passed through a 'Dahab-time' at some point of their life. Not only the Bluehole is great for Training. but also the Lighthouse Bay, located in the Heart of Dahab has worldclass training conditions. Apart from the Bluehole Dahab has many interesting Dive Sites to go play underwater and with the fishes like Eelgarden, Caves and Canyon.

If you want to take a break from the water there are stunning desert landscapes just around the corner of Dahab ready to go explore, hike or even horseride and climb. Another option is to just enjoy the unique and chilled vibe of the Dahabian community, at one of the beachside restaurants, where there is always a friendly soul willing for a chat.