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Dahab Panorama


Dahab is a desert town in South Sinai. Originally a tiny bedouin village later discovered by hippies, it has developed distinctive from the classic resort towns in Egypt.

With a mixture of Bedouins, Egyptians and Expats it has conserved its very own friendly and charming vibe.

Dahab Asalah Beach
Dahab Community Market
Dahab Street Scene

Dahab has become my home of choice since 2016. Since I started freediving in 2014, I have visited this friendly desert town frequently. Dahab is the Mekka of Freediving, offering perfect conditions for deep diving as well as many stunning reefs to explore and chat with the fishes.

For Freedivers, Dahab  is most famous for its blue hole. The 93m deep hole in the reef, only few meters from shore, offers perfect conditions for deep training all year round. Almost all world-class freedivers have passed through a 'Dahab-time' at some point of their career. For shallower training dives as well as long swims and fun diving we usually dive at lighthouse Bay. Located in the heart of Dahab it also offers top training conditions right in front of our door.

Climber in the Wadi
Freediving in Eelgarden
Yoga on a Rooftop

For your days out of the water, Dahab has plenty to offer: Yoga and a diversity of wellness offers are everywhere. Or you enjoy the unique and chilled vibe of the Dahabian community, at one of the beachside restaurants, where you will always find a friendly soul willing for a chat.

If you are feeling adventurous, there are stunning desert landscapes just around the corner of Dahab waiting to be explored. I am happy to show you some nice hikes. I can also arrange desert dinners, climbing and horse riding adventures or even a memorable overnight trekking into the depth of Sinai desert.

How to ... in Dahab


There are a lot of accommodation possibilities in Dahab. From beachfront chic to spartanic Beduin hut, there is something for every taste and budget. Please keep in mind that you are in a small and remote desert town and the standards of service are not the same as in Europe. It is not a place for perfectionists. But if you are happy to relax and take things as they come you will find the locals to be super hospitable and friendly and they will make sure you have a great stay.

I am happy to help you to find the perfect place for your stay!

Generally there are a lot of great options on airbnb, so have a look there and focus on the Asalah/Lighthouse area.


From Sharm el Sheik Airport (SSH) it is a one hour Taxi Ride to Dahab. Buses exist but not from the airport, so not really an option. It's better to take a Dahab Taxi than a Sharm el Sheik Taxi. I am happy to organize your Transfer for you with my trustet Taxi drivers. Price is usually around 35€ (can change due to gas prices etc.)

Get around

Dahab is a relatively small place. It's also completely flat, so the usual way to go around is by bicycle. For bigger distances or whenever we don't want to/ can't ride a bicycle basically any pick-up driver is a potential Taxi. Wave at them on the road and for a small fee they will bring you to your place of choice.


Hygenic standards are different than in Europe. However in the last years there has been a boom of new 'fancy' restaurants. The here mentioned places have shown relatively to very trustworthy with their hygenic concept. No guarantee ever but I eat in those places frequently and have not heard of cases of sickness in these places.

Red Cat - The classic, russian owned with russian and international cuisine. Located right in the heart of Lighthouse Place.

Lemongrass - Thai Cuisine, recently opened in 2022, serves some spicy curries and an amazing Pad Thai. Located in Lighthouse Area next to the butcher and Marine Garden.

Zanooba Slowcooking - Egyptian Slowcooking Cuisine. The duck is to die for but all the dishes are made by angels. Since it is slowcooking, you allways have to reserve until latest 1pm of the same day. Pass by or Call or whathsapp them (+20 109 699 2699) to reservate for an evening of incredible food experience. A must do at least once in Dahab.

Dahab Map
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