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Desert Adventures

Sleep under the stars, trace ancient pilgrim ways, and sit around the camp fire for delicious Bedouin meals

Going into the wild for me has nothing to do with achievement. It is merely a place where we can become playfully present. Rest, explore, wander, play, find curiosities of life and experience a deep silence and grounding peace. When you are in the desert with the Bedouins there are no achievements, it's just about doing life and enjoying nature. I feel we have lost the simplicity of being when we go into nature. To allow a connection and pace to happen where our body finds its own rhythm again and the true nature of our soul can come out again. This is why I organize those trips. I want to bring you back home to your instincts. We rest in the desert. We let our breath be taken by the beauty of this rough landscape. And we get to live the Bedouin pace of life.

The Bedouins of Sinai have been living in this area since a few hundert years. The Sinai Peninsula is an ancient pilgrimage route that connects Egypt and Africa to important worship places like Jerusalem and Mekka. For centuries people were crossing the desert guided by the local Bedouins. The reason of travel have changed quite a lot since, but for the Bedouins hosting and guiding travelers is one of their trades. Their hospitality is expemplary for the famous arabic guest culture and you will be well taken care of and fed during our stay in the desert.


It is also the only land way that connects Africa to Asia and Europa. This means, if it is true that humans come originally from Africa, that the majority of humanity has at some point crossed through Sinai.

Contact me for overnight trips or longer trips with Overlanders or on camels.

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