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I offer various free diving courses & coaching sessions in Dahab, in a 1-on-1 setting for small groups. Whatever fits you best!

My strength is exact observation of the body language,  relaxation, and to guide you to create space to widen your comfort zone (sometimes less is more!).


Train with me and profit from 9 Years of training and 5 Years of coaching knowledge!

Freediving Training Week

Find new depths of comfort in and out of the water

You will learn how to build more confidence and to program your mind to guide your body into deeper depths. Beside that technical advice on finning, free falling and equalisation are given when needed. Sessions take between 2-3h in total. Dry sessions sometimes less. I take the freedom to keep this open as I am convinced it is quality that counts and not quantity.

  • 5 days of personalized freediving training

  • Yoga every morning before diving

  • Evening dry training

  • Relaxation and mental preparation

  • Training strategies


Freediving Coaching

On request for additional Fees:

- AIDA Certificate

- Freediving Equipment

Max. 3 students for quality assurance


Sessions of personal Coaching focused on your individual needs.


I pick you up from wherever you are and we develop a plan together for you to improve where it is needed and wanted. Be it depth training, Competition Preparation, Static, Playing on the Reef, General comfort in Water or getting that Equalization fixed!


  • Stretching

  • Visualisation

  • Dry Relaxation Sessions


(as needed or requested)

Gear & Certificate not included

Personal Coaching

For groups or individuals


Freediving Coaching

AIDA Certificate Courses

AIDA Courses are a great way to start your journey into freediving, as well as if you want to continue to become a freediving Instructor. In the courses you learn basics of safety, relaxation, breathing and freediving technique. I teach AIDA 1, AIDA 2 and AIDA 3 courses.


  • Equipment

  • Certification Fee

  • Relaxation

  • Breathing

  • Theory

  • 2 Water Sessions

  • Theory Exam

Freediving AIDA Courses

AIDA 1: 150€
AIDA 2: 350€
AIDA 3: 400€

Coral Reef Ras Mohammed and Freediver


Contact me for bookings, collaborations, events and questions. I am happy to help and will answer your email within a few days.

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