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Freediving, Yoga and Desert Adventure in Dahab, Egypt

Retreat from 26.11. to 3.12.2023

Freediver Bluehole
Rockformation Sinai Desert
Yoga at the Sea

Our days start with some light Yoga and Meditation. After a light breakfast we will go either to the lighthouse bay or to Blue Hole to freedive. We provide individual coaching and training for each person, suited to your current level.

We enjoy lunch together on the seaside followed by some free- and rest time in the afternoon.

In the evening we meet for some freediving theory, meditation, sharing, storytelling etc before we have dinner in one of the tasty restaurants in town.

Mid week we take a break from the intensive training with a reset in the desert. Local Bedouins will bring us to their favorite secret locations in the depth of Sinai. We will wander through Canyons, discover Caves, old runes, desert plateaus and Sanddunes. Spoiled by the warm hospitality of our Bedouin guides with plenty of tea and fantastic traditional meals, we will be able to completely disconnect, enjoy the silence of the desert and explore the rough nature of the Sinai desert. We sleep under the stars and spend 2 full days completely disconnected.

Coming back from the desert, we will have 2 more training days, enjoying the Blue Hole and its perfect conditions. Yoga and meditation will frame our days, and we make sure to bring some adventures into our afternoons.

Sunday is check out day, your airport transfer is already included, and if you want to prolong your stay, we are happy to help you out.​​

Desert Sunset
Landcruiser Sinai Desert
Bedouins in Sinai Desert

Yoga and Meditation 

They go hand in hand. Our approach is to use them as a tool to create more comfort and strength in our body and mind, improve the focus and the capacity of our lungs (pranayama!). Awareness is crucial in freediving to understand what we are doing underwater and be able to learn and adjust to have a successful and save dive. Meditation is a tool for live, that significantly can improve our individual life quality. Yoga is helping to balance the mind which is the basis for meditation. Through our guidance you will experience what true peace of mind, deep relaxation and focus really feel like. We guide you through the challenges and teach you how to be your own best friend in this ancient practice.

Uddiyana Bandha Yoga
Yoga in Dahab


Imagine you are in a state, where you feel so deeply in harmony with your surrounding you don’t even notice you are not breathing! In this week we guide you on your first steps into a new world of experiencing the sea and your own body. If you are already an experienced freediver, we will help you continue your journey into the depth. Through years of experience as freediving instructors, we will show you techniques and training concepts tailor made for you. Diving on one breath is completely natural and an ancient form of life. Claiming back control over your body and your breath, surrendering to the pressure of the water and move with grace and efficiency along a reef or a diving line is our passion we love to share. In this retreat you will get 5 freediving sessions with personal coaching. We will go to the famous Bluehole and also have some sessions at Lighthouse and extra fun dives.​

Freediving Red Sea
Freediving Instructor Emilia
Freedive Safety

Your Hosts

Elios Wetsuit Freediver Julia


has followed the call of the deep 9 years ago after a live time of passion for the ocean, the underwater world and watersports. When she first arrived to Dahab (2014!) she immediately felt at home in this shabby-chic town. In 2017 Julia became a freediving instructor and National Record holder. Ever since she has lived most of the year in Dahab where she is currently based. Teaching freediving for a living is a dream come true which she does with great passion and empathy. Julia became a Yoga Teacher in 2020, finally, as she has been a movement enthusiast for years. Combining Yoga with freediving has shown to be of great success for her own diving as well as working with students. Aside from freediving, Julia is a lover of wild nature, foody and world traveler.

Emilia, Sunset


A Freediving Instructor Trainer. Nine-time Polish record holder and vice-champion of the world in freediving, a breathwork trainer.

Emilia has many years of experience in the business and corporate world. Since 2015 she has been sharing her passion for freediving and working with breath and relaxation as a tool of self-awareness and stress management.

Recently she was stationed in Deepspot - the deepestPool in Europe (-45 m depth). Dahab has been a second home for her, where she regularly spends extended periods of time. Conscious breathwork and meditation became part of her interdisciplinary tools she uses as mind-clearing, body tension releasing and stress management. Emilia likes to be grounded in “here and now”.

The location

Dahab is a small town on the Red Sea, facing Saudi Arabia in the gulf of Aqaba. Originally populated by Bedouins, who spent their summer time on the seaside, it has grown into an multicultural community of world nomads, freespirits and watersport enthusiasts of all sort. Dahab is known to be the Mekka of Freediving, as almost every Freediver in the world has had his/her training time in the famous Bluehole. The bluehole is a 93m deep coral construction in a round shape with about 60m diameters which is located 20km north of Dahab. It is a natural phenomenon and a national park. It provides perfect conditions for freedivers, as it is sheltered of from currents and waves. Visibility and water temperature are great all year round and the depths starts literally 5m from shore.

Aside from the Bluehole, Dahab also strikes with a great Freediving family based in the famous Aqua Marina Restaurant and fed by Ali, its friendly owner.

We will be located in the charming Villa Barbara, a Dahab original with a beautiful community garden, rooftop and little kitchen just behind the located on turqoise beach of Asalah. Single and Double rooms are available.

Villa Barbara
Sinai Desert, Fun
Dahab Asalah Beach Bedouin
Room at Villa Barbara

Hard facts

- Prices

Early bird until 1. September


     Double room:  1490 €

      Single room:   1590 €

Regular price after 1. September


     Double room:  1590 €

     Single room:   1690 €

The Price does not include freediving equipment. If you don't

have your own equipment, we are happy to help you out

and it will cost an additional 100EUR

Price includes Transport, Breakfast, Lunch, some community dinners

Freediving, Desert Safari, Yoga, accommodation and transportation fees.

Not included are flight, dinners, insurance and personal expenses.

50% deposit have to be payed to save your spot, the rest is to be payed in Cash on arrival

in Dahab. Any transfer fees  are to be covered by the guest.

Payment conditions:

If for some reason you are not able to attend the retreat, we can give you a full refund until 1st of October 2023. 

We can give you 50% refund until 1 week before the retreat (19.11.2023) and no guaranteed refund after that.

However if we do manage to fill the spot, you can still get a full refund until 25.11.

We do our best to have you pay only for the service you actually use in any moment. Please understand that it is however not always possible, as we are dealing with group discounts and reservations of third parties.

- The retreat will be held in English. 

However we do also speak Polish, German, Spanish and French.

No freediving certifications are issued in this course, but we can prepare you for the next level and you can always add some days after the retreat to get your certificate upgraded. We certify AIDA and SSI.

Villa Barbara
Meals at Villa Barbara


Contact us to book your spot or if you have any questions. Let us know your freediving level, weather you would like to book a single room or shared room and if you would like to book any extras. We are looking forward to meet you!

Thank you for submitting

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