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Sailing, Freediving and Yoga with wild Dolphins 

3 -- 8 of January 2025

Make a dream come true and come with me on a journey to the protected Sataya Reef with wild resident Dolphins

In the very south of Egypt there is a beautiful little bay with spinner dolphins. The dolphins are residents, meaning they are in the area 95% of the time and only exit for little excursions to the surrounding open sea to fish and explore. In collaboration with Aziab Seafari we will spend 5 days on a luxurious sailboat, whit which we will sail down to Sataya Dolphin Bay, carried by windenergy. To get the most out of the interaction with dolphins we will stop on some beautiful places on the way, where you learn the basic techniques of freediving, breathold training and equalization practice. With plenty of time to explore the colorful reefs of the red sea, we will head to the dolphin bay where we will spend 3 days diving with the dolphins and improving our freediving skills (guided coaching). 

Yoga will frame our days whenever we touch some land (little sandy Islands!) as well as Pranayama and simple postures to start and end the days, which keeps us comfortable and happy in our bodies.

Red Sea Freediver
Sailing the Red Sea
Freediver Dolphins


Day 1:
- Sail From Hamata Marina to Siyal Island
- Relax on the Sandy beach while you soak the sun on your skin
- freediving/snorkeling
- Yoga session


Day 2:
- Morning breathing /static session
- Yoga session
- Sail to Sataya Dolphin house

Day 3-5 :
- Dolphin Encounters ( 95% chance)
- Freediving line training
- Stretching or Breathing sessions on the boat

Day 6 :
- Sailing to Abo Galawa wreck ( Freediving/Snorkeling)
- Sail back to the Marina

* Program can be amended based on weather conditions

Picture: Raghda @goldenfishie

A week full of sun, sailing  and epic dolphin encounters. Join the first and only Sailboat in the Redsea, only sharing it with a small group of likely minded people. This can be the magical equation of joy to anyone who considers himself/herself a thalassophile.

In this retreat, you will settle into your breathe, your mind chatter quietens, and your muscles starts to relax as you take your last breath before dipping your head below the surface just to get dazzled by hundrets of dolphins.

Bathroom and Cabin Sailboat

Bathroom and Bedroom View

Common Room Beneteau

Under Deck common Area

On Deck, Lunch Table

Benetau Boatplan

Plan of the Boat under Deck

Sailboat Aziab Beneteau

The Boat - Beneteau Cyclades 50.5
Made in France

  • 16m length (50.5 feet)

  • 5 double cabins

  • 3 bathrooms

  • 6th cabin with private bathroom for the skipper

  • Desalination unit ( = unlimited water supply)

  • Solar Panels 950w

  • 7 batteries

  • 2 large fridges

  • Saloon and galley 

  • First Aid, Life Raft and Life Jackets

  • Fire extinguishers

  • GPS &VHF

  • Motor engine

  • Outboard engine

  • Auto Pilot

  • Depth sounder

  • Bow thruster

  • Speakers

AZIAB on the Red Sea

Prices and Conditions

Price per Person in a shared cabin with shared bathroom:  910€

Price per Person in a shared cabin with private bathroom:  970€

+50€ per Person upon arrival for Marina entrance and Marine Park ticket (Obligatory for each person in cash)

If you wish to take a cabin privately you pay 1.4x the price

This Price includes:

  • Accomodation on Sailboat (6 days- 5 nights)

  • All inclusive Menu (3 meals/day)

  • Snacks & Fruits

  • Juices

  • Soft & Hot drinks

  • Tickets to all Marine Protectorates

  • Yoga and Breathing Sessions

  • Freediving Sessions

  • Finning and equalization Skills

  • Dolphin behaviour session

If you are interested in this trip, contact me (book now botton). We are happy to help you organize your trip from and to Hamata Marina from Cairo, Dahab or any airport nearby. The closest airport to Hamata Marina is Marsa Alam Airport. 

We are also happy to help you with hotels to extend your stay and/or a trip to Luxor to see the ancient Temples. If we get enough interests I can organize a group trip to the temples for us together with one of my trusted friends, to Luxor, the Temples and a Hot-Air-Ballon excursion! Sea you in the Sea. 

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